Affinity Capital Group is an independent corporate advisory firm and investment house which specialises in investing in the key global themes that drive change and growth globally and servicing its clients that operate in those related sectors. 

We believe in the power of responsible investment and the critical role it plays in shaping a sustainable future and are committed to working with our partners to effect real change both locally and at a global scale.

We are discerning in our partnerships, aligning only with organisations and assets that resonate with and share our objectives and vision. Our efforts are geared towards shaping transformative global impacts in carbon management, food and water security, infrastructure and critical energy minerals.

With a robust network that spans banks, financial institutions, brokerage firms, superannuation funds, institutional fund managers, and family offices both locally and internationally, we are well positioned to work with our clients to build the most efficient capital stack across a range of equity, debt, mezzanine and alternative structures.

We also have an established track record of asset acquisition, divestment and corporate combinations and are active in M&A and private equity with particular expertise in structuring and execution.

Our Core Themes

We are an innovative, sustainability-driven investment firm working with businesses that drive global change.

We deliver advanced and adaptive capital strategies across all capital markets to maximise investment returns and deliver impactful transformation. 

We focus on the following themes and the businesses that work within them

  • Carbon Neutrality
  • Food & Water Security
  • Infrastructure
  • Critical Energy Minerals and Natural Resources